'Against Despair'

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    What a difference one person can make. Consider that banking remained stable till Reagan, Clinton, and Bush destroyed the regulatory structure designed to protect our nation from the greed and ignorance that nearly created GD II.

    Can one imagine Obama saying, "I welcome their hatred?" But that said we need to stick together and make sure the idiocy of the republicans does not create more poverty and a greater divide between the haves and the rest of the people. Listening to FDR is so much like like these past eight years.

    'How our misreading of history harms progressivism today.' by Michael Tomasky

    "On the day in late April when Barack Obama gave his speech at Cooper Union urging financial regulation reform, The Huffington Post, one of the most important liberal websites we have, could hardly have made more clear to its readers what it thought about Obama’s appeal to his audience. "Two Presidents, Two Messages to Anti-Reform Bankers," ran the headline over photographs of Obama and Franklin Roosevelt an hour or two after the President wrapped up his speech. Obama, the sub-headlines explained, urged bankers to "Join Us," while Roosevelt had said: "I Welcome Their Hatred.""

    MichaelTomaskyfor Democracy: A Journal of Ideas

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9yoZHs6PsU]YouTube - FDR 1936 I welcome their hatred[/ame]

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