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    Instant Classic Games

    I just played a game of NCAA Football 11 (EA Sports) on my PS3. I was Penn State and I played the computer team Notre Dame.

    Penn State and Notre Dame are not traditional rivals, but given how both schools have boasted storied programs, great coaches (Paterno and Holtz), and similar fanfare, it's a cult-favorite 'media rivalry.'

    So the game went back-and-forth, and Notre Dame scored late in the 4th quarter (with 50 seconds left to play), giving them a 24-31 lead. I managed to miraculously craft 3 great elegant pass-plays to score a touchdown with only 10 seconds left to play. I decided to go for the win with a 2-point conversion but came up short. I lost the game 30-31, but it was categorized as an 'Instant Classic Game' by the CPU. I can now relish that over and over.

    Now, is that a fun story because I love video games or because I love the PSU-ND rivalry?


    PATERNO: Gee, we almost pulled out a victory at the end...
    HOLTZ: Our goal-line defense made a great stand.
    PATERNO: We should've won.
    HOLTZ: Well, maybe next time, you'll get lucky.
    PATERNO: Next time, we'll try something different.
    HOLTZ: They should make a movie about the PSU-ND rivalry.
    PATERNO: Or at least a video game!
    HOLTZ: I worry about kids becoming addicted to video games.


    NCAA Football 11 - EA Sports (Wikipedia)

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    I've seen a few articles on how football coaches are finding that kids who play the high end football video games are well prepared to play the real thing because they recognize plays as they develop.

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