Activists warn of turmoil, fear over immigration bill

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    Even before his controversial anti-illegal immigration bill is unveiled at a Capitol press conference Friday, state Rep. Steve Sandstrom’s proposal is drawing protests and warnings from Latino activists who say the measure will do nothing but inflame hatred and fear among Utahns.

    “I think that Representative Sandstrom is playing the part of an incendiary, a firebug,” said Archie Archuleta, chairman of the Utah Coalition of La Raza. “It’s a fire. This bill will exacerbate that [situation] and we’re opposed to that.”

    Archuleta and two other community activists held their own news conference Thursday at Centro Civico Mexicano to make an 11th-hour plea for political leaders to shelve plans for an Arizona-style immigration bill.

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    Activists warn of turmoil, fear over immigration bill | The Salt Lake Tribune

    You mean Mexicans threaten America don't you?

    The children! The children!

    Does this monkey care about the children from other countries who are dying to be feed with the American taxpayer funds that Mexicans burn up like it was nothing? What about those children, ASSHOLE!
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