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    Americano posted this in the quotes thread:

    now that is simple enough to understand.

    but the if we recognize that Constitution is the law which regulates government activity lest they commit crimes against the people then we should also recognize that:

    1 - there should be a body capable of ENFORCING that law by SEVERELY PUNISHING politicians attempting to break it.

    2 - this body should report directly to the people, NOT to politicians as their job would be to police the politicians and any connection between the two would be a conflict of interest.

    After all regular laws would not mean anything if there were no police to enforce them.

    And somebody had the insight to create:

    Internal affairs (law enforcement) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    to police the police.

    Now why don't we have that ?

    doesn't the fact that no president EVER did ANY time behind bars despite the fact that most try get around the constitution in one way or another suggest that we have a problem ?

    politicians ( and idiots who listen to them ) constantly try to tell us that constitution is old and no longer relevant. what would happen if a negroe robbing a 7-11 told a police officer that the law was old and no longer relevant ? he would probably have his skull split. shouldn't politicians found in contempt of the constitution be MEANINGFULLY PUNISHED ?

    resignation is NOT PUNISHMENT !

    convicted serial rapists aren't punished by being asked to resign from raping children.
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