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    I would like to report an important fact which came out to be weird. Over one year ago, on 2003 February 7th at 10.35 pm to be exact, an interview was shown by ‘France 2’ –a French television network. Such interview was carried out by John Friedman and Eric Nadler and was entitled «l’Irak et la bombe » making reference to the efforts made for a long time by Saddam Hussein in order to have the A-bomb. It was a very good report on a significant matter. This is most probably a Franco-German coproduction, for it was clear some German staff participated in it. It is likely made by one of the two Franco-German TV networks: ‘Arte’ or ‘La Cinq’. In such report high rank Iraqi exiled men spoke, mainly an old Iraqi nuclear military program chief, who made defection of his country, and some Pakistanis. This interview was made in English. Therein you can learn about several German companies helping and selling around the world and especially the Iraqis and Pakistanis knowledge and material to be used for bombs manufacturing, (fast centrifuges to provide weapons grade uranium). One of those three or four named German companies is ‘Degussa’ (or may be spelled with one ‘S’, I do not remember well), a well-known firm for having made plenty of money during the Second World War while working for Hitler. However, there have been no resonances of such an explosive interview, as if it had been censored. I do not understand why the American Administration –which is supposed to handle all these kinds of information– is doing nothing to make it public and respond to its detractors. It seems that those currently on the USA power like the fact of being attacked by their enemies from the left wing and refuse to make efforts of propaganda to explain their actions and defend themselves as well, since the facts such as those shown by the interview mentioned above do favor and give sound reasons to the Republican Administration actions. It would be just enough to exploit the information provided by such a high quality journalistic work for the Administration to defend itself against its detractors. Too tiring, may be, I do not know.
    The evidences against Saddam about him researching on and holding massive destruction weapons are overwhelming. I repeat it looks like if the right-wingers love being criticized and letting the left-wingers get the power, for they appear to be less skillful than the latter on propaganda and practical matters. In other countries politics are like that. I do not know whether in the USA it is the same way. Anyhow, I am astonished about the fact that the American media do not mention those facts. And the inspectors did not find anything, you say ??. IT IS REALLY VERY STRANGE. Isn’t it ?? You can check my information or course.
    For those who fell curious about the matter and want to check this information, they must call or write to:
    « Multimédia France Production » (MFP), 23 rue Linois , 75015 Paris, France
    (tél : 33 1 53 95 56 66). The information must be asked to receptionnist. You can also fax to: 33 1 53 95 56 21 and write on top of the page the following exact French sentences :

    --- A l’attention du réceptionniste, en le/la priant de transmettre ce fax au producteur de l’émission « L’Irak et la bombe », réalisé par les réalisateurs Messieurs John Freidman et Eric Nadler, et qui a été diffusé le 07 févriers 2003 à 22h35 sur la chaîne de télévision « France 2 ».
    Question : Quelles conditions pour se procurer une copie de ce reportage s’il vous plaît, et quel est le prix d’une cassette vidéo-copie ? Merci. Avec mes meilleures salutations. ---

    Then write your name, address, email address, telephone number and wait for the information. If you get a copy of it, I hope you get it all complete.
    I was told that they would be rather reluctant to answer questions about this interview. When talking to a person I know she tried to make him believe that they do not have copies and that they do not have the material…. She also mentioned that it was hard for her to get the material ready to be sent and that it is not to be commercialized. Moreover, she said that those who want to have copies of it should specify the reasons and purpose of such request
    But don't say you learnt this in a forum.

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    All the best
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