ABC's Jake Tapper Asks Axelrod About Obamas Long Form Birth Certificate

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    A media first!!!..............ABC's Jake Tapper asks Axelrod about Obama's Long Form Birth Certificate. This is certainly good news to for Tapper to bring it up to the masses tonight. Axlerod clearly dodges and this is a bad sign. Newt brought it up last night on a Spanish Cable Network and Tapper does it on liberal ABC. Something is in the air.

    Axelrod to US Chamber: What Are You Hiding That You Don?t Want the American People to See? - Political Punch

    During the course of questioning about the Obama administration's attacks on the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, ABC News White House Correspondent Jake Tapper brought up the issue of Barack Obama refusing to release his long form Hawaii birth certificate in an interview with senior White House adviser David Axelrod.

    Axelrod said that Obama's birth certificate "has been available to people." When Tapper followed up by asking if the long form version (aka the original with more information than the shorter publicly released version) has been released, Axelrod ducked the question with this bizarre rejoinder, “the only people who want to keep things secret are folks who have something to hide.”

    However, Tapper had no problem raising the issue with Axelrod:

    TAPPER: But what do you say to people who argue you are demonizing an organization for a charge that nobody knows if it's true or not?

    AXELROD: Well I’m not demonizing the Chamber of Commerce. I’m simply suggesting to them that they disclose the source of the $75 million that they are spending in campaigns and put to rest, put to rest the questions that have been, that have been raised.

    TAPPER: Isn't that like the whackjobs that tell the president he needs to show them his full long-form birth certificate so he can put to rest the questions that have been raised?

    AXELROD: The president’s birth certificate has been available to people.

    TAPPER: The long form?

    AXELROD: Someone once in the course of this debate about whether we should have a law to force these organizations to disclose where they’re money is coming from in the campaigns, someone said, and I think they’re right – “the only people who want to keep things secret are folks who have something to hide.” If the Chamber doesn’t have anything to hide about these contributions, and I take them at their word that they don’t, then why not disclose? Why not let people see where their money is coming from? Outside of the likes of Les Kinsolving, this appears to be the first time the long form birth certificate issue has been publicly queried at the senior White House level.

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