ABC defends FOX NEWS against White House attacks

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    Our forefathers intended that the free press in this country be the watch dog of government. It's kind of hard to believe with this administration continually attacking all critics of their policies. On their hit list is the United States Chamber of Commerce--a gag order on Humana & of course Fox News.

    It's no secret that the liberal main stream media in this country--(with their continual glowing coverage)--were very instrumental in getting Hillary kicked to the curb & Obama elected as POTUS. We saw this with their questioning during the primary debates--the 24/7 coverage of Obama's overnight trip to Bagdad--with 3 major networks in tow--& of course right up to the election & now afterwards. I couldn't believe my ears last week when I heard Criss Mathews of Hardball & (former speech writer for Jimmy Carter) exclaim--when addressing a crowd on the Mayer program on HB0-don't worry when Obama discovers the right time to get rid of the "don't ask--don't tell" he'll do it. Like Criss Mathews (the tingley leg feeling guy) can read Obama's mind--:lol::lol::lol: He is in 100% unfeathering support of Obama--along with Rachel Maddow & of course Keith Oberman--(who still can't stop bashing Booossh.) This is MSNBC--who relentlessly tore through the Bush administration without mercy for 8 long years.

    Yet someone disagrees with this administrations policies--they get put on the White House hit list.

    In DEFENSE of Fox News-Let's not forget that Obama's appointee for his green jobs Czar is on video recording praising Hugo Chavez for taking over the media in his country. Of course, Van Jones is also on record for wanting to let felons out of our prisons to do green jobs work & believes that our prisons are nothing more than land based slave camps. Yet Obama choose him to be his green jobs Czar. The only media that disclosed who Van Jones was--was FOX NEWS. Immediately after the story came out Van Jones resigned. FOX NEWS is also responsible for letting us know about the recent scandels regarding ACORN. Because of their coverage ACORN has been cut off from MILLIONS in taxpayer dollars. FOX news is also responsible for letting us know how our government is spending our money--regarding the 787 BILLION dollar stimulus bill & the 450 BILLION dollar Ominus bill.

    NO OTHER MEDIA OUTLETS COVERED THE ABOVE. The reason? They "WERE" in Obama's back pocket. I used the past tense--because I think the liberal media honeymoon is over--especially after these attacks on another media source.

    With all these attacks from top level officials including Barack Obama--something has happened. Major news networks are defending Fox News. Stating--that they get a lot of stories from Fox. I also imagine that they fear this administration trying to shut them up--should this administration disagree with some of their coverage--:lol::lol:

    [ame=]YouTube - ABC's Jake Tapper Confronts Robert Gibbs over Barack Obama's War on FOX News[/ame]

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