A Solution to the Economic Problem

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    A Solution to the Economic Problem

    Millions of dollars sit idle across the United States in the form of quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies--in sofas, drawers, and jars. This money is viewed as unimportant at a household level. But if on a single day even a fraction of that capital is knowingly invested in commerce by the purchasing of small items locally, we could jump-start the economy. August...20th, 2012 can be that day. In anticipation of a day of public trade, the stock market should grow increasingly stable, as certainty allows large-scale investors to make more educated decisions. On August 20th, 2012 simply buy something with your change. Together, we, the people, can improve our lives, our nation, and our world this way. It can't hurt; it could only help. Spread this message. August 20th, 2012. We can fix the economy together.

    ~ Stephan Tsapatoris

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