A Republican state rep reveals racism in email; "Watermelon" for poor blacks??

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    Lawmaker’s ‘amen’ response to racist email throws fuel on political fire | The Post and Courier | Charleston SC, News, Sports, Entertainment

    I dont know what the word "amen" means to many, but here in SC, it's what follows a prayer, and it is used as a quick word of agreement. Like "I think USC is gonna have a fine football season, hope they win it all!!" And I'd say "Amen to that!!"

    Well, one right wing lunatic sent state rep Alan Clemmens- Republican, an email whining about the voter ID law critics. Given, SC is so red it needs rash treatment, so it's not like the state is in danger of turning Democrat.

    But, the emailer said he didn't buy the notion that poor blacks couldn't get an ID.

    In fact, he said if the state announced they were giving away free $100 bills and you just had to show up with an ID, they (poor blacks) would be swarming over it like "bees on watermelon".

    Wow. We've come so far GOP. And all the Rep could respond with was "Amen". Not "Hey you racist, I dont need your vote" or anything to, you know, get the conversation to be civil.

    What was I thinking all those years.

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