A public apology letter to Crimson White

Discussion in 'Announcements and Feedback' started by strollingbones, Apr 15, 2009.

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    some days i suck more than others...i posted this on a thread about biased mods

    "oktay since this thread is still here..the only mod i have had any fucking problem with is crimson white...
    i wont go into details....but i often wonder if he was just being stubborn or real fucking stupid...o and yea we have had this out in pm...i assure you...but since you ask and this damn thread is still up....

    now does that mean i think crimson is biased or a bad mod? no...i just thank he is an asshole who refused to listen to my side of what was posted.,..and how he took the post wrong...which in all honesty is easy to do since i dont use punctuation ...but i thought he was a total ass and i still think a lot of it has to do with his youth (i got no clue how old he is) and his newness as a mod...

    now this has been since last year...never once has he referred to it...or mentioned....after we went at it in pm...it was dropped ...okay i may have made some snarky comment but he rose above it and never too the bait...so to me he has proven to be a good mod in the long run....

    seems that the current batch of mods try to stay out of shit unless they really have to step into it...
    again i would hate to be a mod...

    matter of fact the extreme grace of the mods have been tested by the influx of incomers...they have done very well herding the new cats

    o i feel the need to a pic?"

    i implied that cm was young and unsure of himself in his judgements on the issue we were discussing...well shut my mouth...this morning after doing my taxes, i am browsing the photo threads and there they are..photos of the afghan war...taken in 2004...now i am gonna go out on a limb here and say that these are personal photos of crimson....(hey i got a grasp of the obvious when he mentions his 2 tours) so in one flash of truth...i realize he is not immature, he is not an asshole..he is not a spoiled brat who went to university and did the ivory tower thing....

    Crimson White I am deeply sorry for what I said. I just realized this am how far off base I was and how wrong I was. Now, I understand why you have been a gentleman during this whole thing.

    again, I am sorry.
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