A painful experience to locate “Bank Islamic” branch near Clifton

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    A painful experience to locate “Bank Islamic” branch near Clifton

    I want to share my painful experience I just walk from Clifton Bridge towards Clifton III sword onwards to find a branch of BANK ISLAMI in order to deposit money someone accounts. But I failed and my all efforts gone wasted without any results. I went from my office around 12.30 Noon and return exact 1.30 PM in peak summer days.

    But more painful and hurting even I ask from Bank personnel to guide me which place BANK ISLAMI locate near Clifton but I spend 1 hour in peak heat and return to office too tried.

    I would question those who have guided me wrong due to any reasons intentionally or un-intentionally but I do not see any branch from Bank Islamic working in Clifton area which side I visited. If you do not know any location or address please do not advice others which waste his time and suffers too.

    How our people working with BANKING SECTOR does not knew or aware that no Bank Islamic branch is working in Clifton Area from Clifton Bridge to Schon Circle but I asked from visiting more than 3 different banks branch in same area request to please guide but they all gentlemen people guided me wrong, which waste my time and I suffer too, This way I learned a very bad experience from those who are our educated class people working in banking sector.

    Thanking You.

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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