A battle for power between a father and a son... and the result?

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    This year marks the 17th year since Kim Il-sung's death. Since then, a lot of theories and rumors surfaced regarding the cause of his death.

    North Korea officially announced the cause of his death as myocardial infarction (therefore natural cause), but according to internal testimonies and North Korea experts that have been researching for decades, it did not happen by natural causes; Kim Sung-il (son) killed Kim Il-sung (father)!

    Looking back at 1994 when Kim Il-sung died, he was healthy enough to take care of South-North Summits and nuclearization issues himself, and he told his close people that he would be reigning for another 10 years. And Kim Jong-il back then had many conflicts and arguments with Kim Il-sung, and Kim Il-sung would often regret picking Kim Jong-il as the heir.

    Considering the circumstances around the time of his death, the theory that Kim Jong-il murdered his father seems pretty plausible.
    If so, it is rumored that there is another father-son conflict for power... what will happen to Kim Jong-il later?
    Kim Jong-il is removed by Kim Jong-un.
    Kim Jong-il completely loses it and passes out because of his son.
    Kim Jong-un is removed by Kim Jong-il??

    Nothing is clear yet; however, it sure won't end well.

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