6 States Where Taxes are Soaring!!!

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    Note: 5 out of 6 are amongst the highest budget deficit states in the country. 5 out of 6 are amongst the bottom in bond rating. 5 out of 6 are so physically unsound they could lead to BK. 5 out of 6 are liberal hell holes!

    (1) DL - Any state that reelects time after time Joe Biden has to be filled with liberal fools.
    (2) CA - Shocker! I predict they will be the first state to declare bankruptcy. Huge deficit, but have spending increase. Their tax and regulation policies are chasing businesses, rich people and entire industries out of CA.
    (3) IL - The CA of the midwest, nuf said! Maybe we should learn from our smart neighbors of WI and IN who are running surpluses without raising taxes! :clap2:
    (4) NY - Second state to declare BK! Guaranteed!
    (5) RI - Won't take on the Unions to make needed changes!
    (6) WV - Small deficit which a very "painless" cuts can fix. Unemployment low and economically do well. Yet they feel the need to raise taxes! :confused:

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