2.3 Billion People Repressed, Routinely Denied The Most Basic Human Rights

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    very sobering, we should always remember the revolution we began in 1776 has not yet swept through the rest of the world the way we may have wished it would by now. We still have a long way to go but we've made some incredible strides in over 225 years.

    we should never forget the 2.3 billion people who do not enjoy anything close to the incredible blessings we have in this great nation. in our own, small but important way, we should do the best we can to help them however we can.

    this is why we cannot let putin steal ukraine's elections
    this is why we cannot let castro use our sanctions as an excuse for his murderous leadership
    this is why we should not stand silent as china, ruthless and oppressive as ever, supports tyranny in burma, north korea and within its own borders
    this is why we can not let terrorists win in iraq and afghanistan, nor terror supporters in syria, iran and the palestinian territories
    this is why we cannot let genocide reign in darfur, nor oppression in zimbabwe


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