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    A grizzled old Marine gunnery sergeant receives an invitation for a party which is being thrown for all the residents of his condo complex by the management. Even though this is not the sort of thing he's normally interested in he decides to be a good neighbor.

    He shows up, dressed & pressed, at the Community Center for the big party. There is food, drinks, dancing, and lots of guests. Feeling uncomfortable, he mingles, gets a drink, and stands awkwardly across from the punch bowl watching the people.

    Now there are a lot of single young women living in the complex, and his uniform and stoic appearance at first generate giggles or titters, but eventually interest.

    One young lady starts small talk with him, trying to get him to loosen up.

    "You're so... in control. So tense. Gosh, when is the last time you had any pussy?"

    The Gunny replies, "1956, ma'am."

    "1956?" she gasps. "No wonder you are so uptight. Here... let me.. help you." She takes his hand and leads him to a vacant room off the main ballroom. For about a half hour she helps him, finally winding up with both of them lying on the floor breathing heavily.

    "Wow, for a man who hasn't had any pussy since 1956, you certainly haven't forgotten anything!" she purrs.

    The gunny checks his watch. "I hope not, it's only 2130 right now."

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