10 reasons Government Run Health Care is a BAD idea

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    1. The President, Vice President, Secretary of State, and everyone
    else in Congress will be exempt from Government Run Health Care. They
    would, however, keep their current high quality health care plans.

    2. You will be forced to pay thousands of dollars a year for health
    insurace, even if you don't want to.

    3. If you refuse to pay thousands of dollars a year for health
    insurace, the IRS will fine you with fees and/or jailtime.

    4. $400Billion would be taken from Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and
    Medicaid to pay for Government Run Health Care.

    5. An unelected Czar, appointed by the president, will control how
    $2Trillion of your tax payer dollars is spent.

    6. You will have to sue the Government if you are a victim of

    7. In order to keep costs down, the Government will restrict your
    expensive and critical testing procedures.

    8. Your private medical information between you and your doctor will
    no longer be private.

    9. The Infant Mortality rate because of birth defects will remain
    unchanged with Government Run Health Care, because mothers will
    continue to smoke, drink, and use illegal drugs while they are

    10. It would be $2 Trillion tax payer dollars cheaper to just fix our
    current health care system by lowering health insurance costs.
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    Ok. But since neither bill even hints at "Government Run Healthcare", how is this relevant? The public option has been all but abandoned. Don't get me wrong, this whole mess has turned into an excercise in futility and nobody will really know what the bill includes until AFTER it's passed but there never was any proposal on "Governbment Run Healthcare".

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