10/12/12 news FLASH: on Osama is alive as well as terrorism!

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    If the MSM had been as vigorous in attacking Obama for "cut and paste" of the CIA "talking points" as they were of Bush and the Liberation of Iraq Obama would have lost the election!

    The 3 million GOP that didn't vote... many would have!
    The 71% of Latinos for Obama would have been less.
    And the 39% Whites that voted for Obama.. some percentage would be aghast that Obama "cut and pasted" the truth!

    And that was the reason why more and more people are understanding the importance of BenghaziGate!

    If this "cut and paste" effort on behalf of keeping the truth that Terrorism was alive and thriving i.e. Benghazi planned attack was brought to the public's attention by the BIASED MSM Obama would NOT have been re-elected!

    August 9, 1974 Nixon resigned 2 years after his re-election! It will be 40 years in 2014 When Obama resigns!

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