American and European dance bands and vocalists from the 1920s 1930s and 1940s.....

Anson Weeks week!🥰

1937 Anson Weeks - Moonlight And Shadows (Frankie Saputo, vocal)​

A very early one.....1926 I think....but typical of its time and lovely IMO

Am I Wasting My Time On You? - Sam Lanin and His Orchestra​


Dancin' with Anson Weeks- 🥰

The orchestra that made the Hotel Mark Hopkins (San Francisco) famous was Anson Weeks & His Orchestra. Here is some of his music, recorded in 1932, paired with vintage dance scenes.

Good night y'all~

love this..

'Round My Heart ANSON WEEKS ORCHESTRA (1932) Vocal by trio from the orchestra​


1933 Anson Weeks - It's Sunday Down In Caroline (Art Wilson, vocal)​

One of my favs of Anson Weeks!

1934 Anson Weeks - The Breeze (Kay St. Germain, vocal)​


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