1. phoenyx

    How trustable is Wikipedia as a source of information?

    Recently, some people have been citing Wikipedia as the reason they distrust a person or a website. I have always believed that Wikipedia can be a good starting point for research, but frequently isn't a good ending point. For more on why this is the case, I'll quote the work of an academic on...
  2. L

    Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here

    From May 2009, updated Feb 2017, reflecting changes in wikipedia's science page since that time. They include this, since 2014: appropriately (considering this article's title) renumbering section #2 to #1. Most important SCIENCE (TODAY BY FAR): what is it? Answer here. Don't be mislead by the...
  3. L

    Myron Fagan, pioneer "exposing" the illuminati 1967: 3 world wars hoax

    Myron Fagan, pioneer "exposing" the illuminati: 3 world wars hoax - for dummies Overview Introduction 1. Myron Fagan 2. Wikipedia's ONE and ONLY page on the Illuminati Introduction Google returns 45,800,000 results for the organization whose leader was exposed only by the Web of Truth. Note...

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