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white privilege is a lie

  1. P@triot

    Lessons in Liberalism

    The deep hate - resulting from the flawed thought process - is astounding. The group think - resulting from the indoctrination on college campuses - is frightening (and reminiscent of the Nazis). Assuming someone is "privileged" simply because they are white is every bit as racists and ignorant...
  2. P@triot

    Get your White Privilege cards today

    I seriously cannot stop laughing at the people cashing in on progressive white guilt these days. It's just genius to make millions off of people who feel guilty for not being born black. I really believe I need to get in on this action. 'Privilege cards' let you 'check everyone in your life'
  3. P

    The Fear of White Identity Politics, The Fear of Equality.

    Why do so supposed humanitarians and egalitarians fight so hard to keep white people from having what non-white populations have had for over a generation now? Why do "progressives" fight actual progress for white communities? Would it really be so terrible if white children respected their...

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