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white guilt

  1. BookShaka

    How sad is this?

    I wonder why this fellow felt the need to ask such a seemingly idiotic question...? Let’s take a poll on this, hmm?
  2. cnelsen

    Yes, you absolutely should hate the oligarchy absolutely

    From Wikipedia: The “Scramble for Africa” was the invasion, occupation, division, colonization and annexation of African territory by European powers during the period of New Imperialism, between 1881 and 1914. It is also called the Partition of Africa and the Conquest of Africa. In 1870, only...
  3. P@triot

    Get your White Privilege cards today

    I seriously cannot stop laughing at the people cashing in on progressive white guilt these days. It's just genius to make millions off of people who feel guilty for not being born black. I really believe I need to get in on this action. 'Privilege cards' let you 'check everyone in your life'
  4. P@triot

    BLM Activists Making $100k A Year Bossing Around ‘Allies’ Plagued by White Guilt

    I literally cannot stop laughing.... :lmao: Black Lives Matter Activists Making $100k A Year Bossing Around ‘Allies’ Plagued by White Guilt

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