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white genocide

  1. PixieStix

    South Africa Plunges into Starvation 'Racism Rears it's ugly head'

    After murdering all the white farmers Zimbabwe Begs White Farmers To Return As Country Plunges Into Famine
  2. cnelsen

    Here's the general economic picture of the United States since I was born

    Here's the general economic picture of the United States since I was born. When I was born, income inequality was not severe, and the middle class was huge, stable, and the repository of the vast majority of the nation's wealth. To illustrate what's happened, imagine one hundred persons, five...
  3. cnelsen

    Soros bullies goin' full Old Testament on whites

    The day after Donald Trump was elected president, Lee Circle monument in New Orleans was defaced with graffiti that read DIE WHITES DIE and BLACK POWER. God's Chosen Media determined, with the aid of their state-of-the-art hair-trigger racism detectors: nope! no racism here! Last Monday night...
  4. cnelsen

    JAWS: Guess (((who))) is pushing a black/white race war again

    Jews Against White Survival co-founder, Haim Saban, Hillary Clinton's top donor, owner of Univision, and the Jerusalem Post's "Most Influential Jew in the World", owns another media property called The Root, in which we read the following attack on white people: Andre Perry Monday 1:20pm …...
  5. cnelsen

    How Putin could reorder the world in one move

    As genocide against the white minority in South Africa looms, Putin should move aircraft carriers off the coast of South Africa and warn the black ingrates in no uncertain terms that violence against whites is over in that country they are destroying. If they don't comply, hit the black...
  6. cnelsen

    Emails show Hillary coordinating with Soros since at least 2011

    Hillary has been coordinating her campaign with George Soros, a Jew who collaborated with the Nazis as a youth. He has given the Hillary campaign $25 million. Recent email leaks show Soros has been a driving force behind the current invasion of Europe, as well as opening the borders here. He...

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