1. JGalt

    I'm drinking this 50 year old Jim Beam I found at a garage sale...

    Will I die? I mean, the bottles were all still sealed and they were only $2 apiece. How could I pass that up? They are also glass bottle, not glazed ceramic. Ceramic bottles sometimes have lead in the glazing, which can leach into the contents. Think I'll try the 50th Anniversary...
  2. Bruce_T_Laney

    Best Whiskey you have drank?

    I started to drink Elijah Craig Bourbon and it has a smooth and smokey taste... What is your favorite?
  3. Compost

    Why Does the Navy Stock Whiskey?

    The Navy has decided not to buy from a veteran's distillery. This got me to wondering. Why does the Navy even stock whiskey? The agency tasked with stocking alcohol on Naval bases told the nation’s only disabled-veteran-owned distillery it would not stock their whiskey. The Navy Exchange...

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