1. AsianTrumpSupporter

    The Failure of Dashcon: The world's first Tumblr convention

    This would make for a great trainwreck documentary: Not since the Anthony Weiner reelection campaign have I heard of a trainwreck of this magnitude:
  2. MindWars

    BREAKING: DOJ stopping NYPD in making arrests in Weiner sexting case

    BREAKING: DOJ STOPPING NYPD IN MAKING ARRESTS IN WEINER SEXTING CASE As the population wakes up the government circles the wagons to protect their criminality. Simple something sheep need to see money talks and bs walks. But if this were your son or daughter they would be sitting in...
  3. BuckToothMoron

    Will a pedophile doom Hillary?

    Isnt it interesting how things sometimes workout. Hillary has spent her career defending her husband because of his sexual proclivities, destroying the lives of women who dared to speak about his actions, and now, within days of winning her most coveted position, a perverted pedophile may be...

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