1. P@triot

    Layout and new iPad iOS

    Is the layout of the website messed up for the new iPad iOS or is just a problem with my device? If it’s all - any plans to fix the layout soon?
  2. CelloX

    The Kickstarter Solution to the Two Party System

    I am not sure if this could work, but I think it has potential for breaking down the wall preventing third party, independent, and small main party candidates from winning. Here is the idea: Make a website, preferably funded by Kickstarter (to fund the creation of the site and gain press)...
  3. Never3ndr

    Who Do You Side With?

    I know that a lot of people on this forum are pretty set in their political beliefs, however, I found this fun little website that may put things in a more explicit fashion. I got 84% with Bernie (far higher than I expected) and even was with Donald on 44% of the issues.

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