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    6+ billion will be killed shortly after the day the "stock market" will have its highest rise ever

    6+ billion (almost all of them human cattle) will be killed shortly after the day the psy-op known as "stock market" will have its highest rise ever. And what day will that be? Answer: the day that it will be announced that the ammo used to kill 6+ billion was "discovered". Or in other words...
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    Auschwitz [_ _ _ _ ERS], Coronavirus HOAX: [SYRI _ _ _ S], the link beyond 75 years

    "Coronavirus" agenda is to kill less than one third of New Zealand's population but more than 99% in most places. This is valid not only for extremely overpopulated China, India and Africa but also for some white populations such as armenian, portuguese, greeks, serbs and russians. So why aren't...
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    Snipers: Homs 2011 to Damascus 2016; suicide bombers: McCain/Romney 2008-12 to Trump 2016

    Second stage: example of the day, Oct 19, 2016 An Ahrar al-Sham sniper snipes and hits a IV Reich mercenary on the outskirts of Der Khabeyah in western Damascus. Nuclear bombs: ABSOLUTELY NOT the ultimate illuminati weapon Last Prophet's words from Jul 2011. Added: how Trump ALSO illustrates...

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