1. Street Juice

    Now Israel is bombing yet another country.

    US officials confirmed that Israel is behind three recent explosions in Iraq. The targets were "linked to Iran", they said. Amid the spate of 'mystery explosions' recently rocking the Iraqi capital, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday of this week actually seemed to positively...
  2. cnelsen

    Did Russia just accuse Jews of warmongering?

    Russia responded today to the utterly irresponsible and provocative move by the US Congress to impose more sanctions on Russia on top of unjustified and punishing sanctions already in place. Reuters: The Russian Foreign Ministry complained of growing anti-Russian feeling in the United States...
  3. cnelsen

    Stay the hell away from Iran, Neocons

    Stephen Chapman, writing in Reason, compares watching American policymakers prepare for regime change in Iran (and, I'll add, Syria) is like watching Wile E. Coyote opening a package of dynamite he ordered. "No matter how clever his scheme, you know that sooner or later, he'll get blown up. He...
  4. Marion Morrison

    Is war imminent? MSM claims Assad used chemical weapons

    Grr, this crap makes me so mad! Every time the AP wants to crank up some war they start this "chemical attack on own people" crap! Lying AP should be prosecuted for lies. My guess is Iranian or U.S. airstrikes hit chemical weapons rebels had IF anything like this really happened at all. That...

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