1. deanrd

    What is left in the Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin CHECK LIST?

    So suppose Trump really does work for Vladimir Putin. And Putin gave Trump a "Check List" of things he wants done. So what is left to do on that speculative "Check List". We can start with what Trump and the Republicans have already "accomplished": 1. Trump has divided the nation. CHECK 2...
  2. cnelsen

    What Trump could learn from Putin

    Putin has revived the concept of the "symphony of church and state" in Russia. That's why--explicitly why--George Soros has been pushing the West to declare war on Russia, if you can believe that blood-thirsty, venomous bucket of pig vomit.
  3. midcan5

    The Greatest Inauguration of all Time

    FNI has confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt or any doubt at all that the inauguration of Donald J Trump will be the greatest, most wonderful, most splendid, and most likely miraculous event in all of history even surpassing Roman Emperors. Dignitaries will appear on a massive jumbotron...

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