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  1. Litwin

    Why Vikings weren't who we thought they were, Nothing is new, Pritsak, O. wrote it in 1987. The origin of Rus´

    Nothing is new, Pritsak, O. wrote it in 1987. The origin of Rus´, but still some find it interesting ps Muscovy (ulus of Juchi) has no connection to Rus´
  2. Y

    The Vike's have certainly choked

    Since their early undefeated run, the Vike's have certainly choked. Now it looks unlikely that they will NOT even be a playoff team this year. Dallas, NY, Detroit, Atlanta, and Seattle are all dominating the NFC. The Vike's need to hope they can end up better than DC, Tampa, and Green Bay...
  3. Debra K

    History Channel: The Vikings

    Season 4 starts this evening. Anyone else following the series? At the end of last season (April 2015), the vikings engaged in the siege of Paris, finally ransacked the place, and Ragnar learned that Loki killed Athelstan. I have to hold my hand over my eyes when the gory battles are waged...

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