1. Tom Paine 1949

    Beyond Vietnam: A Time to Break Silence

    Fifty three years ago Martin Luther King delivered a speech at the Riverside Cathedral in NYC. It is often ignored, but for me it constituted his real final testament. It would be one year later to the day that he was assassinated. After his murder (and RFK’s) Nixon was elected. Most historians...
  2. Wuwei

    Kim's photo-op with Trump

    North Korea airs film glorifying summit with Trump Trump went to Vietnam to participate in Kim Jong Un's photo op. Trump graciously obliged Kim by helping Kim be venerated by his adoring followers. North Korea’s state TV has aired a documentary glorifying leader Kim Jong Un’s recent visit to...
  3. AveryJarhman

    Vietnam Veterans Sharing Their Experiences - Video

    Vietnam Veterans Sharing Their Experiences Hello. If you are interested in witnessing former American military men speak about their experiences while serving in Vietnam, begin here: "Vietnam Veteran - Les Dykema" Published on Mar 15, 2017 by YouTube's 'Sage Monitor' channel. "Les Dykema...
  4. H


    Have you ever eaten,????????????? :beer: 1. Pho 2. Bun Bo Hue 3. Hanoi Barbecue 4. Banh mi 5. Banh xeo Click here! Enjoy trip with vietnam!:banana:
  5. midcan5

    Vietnam Veterans

    Take a minute and fill this out. Are You a Vietnam Veteran? Help Us Investigate the Impact of Agent Orange

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