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  1. J

    Biden's pick, Kamala D. Harris, supports black lives matter

    . Kamala D. Harris says “Black lives matter is not about Donald Trump, it’s about black lives that do matter.” . [video=youtube_share;Gy_RFTFs9nc?t=19] Now, let us listen to a Black Lives Demonstrator to learn what Black Lives Matter is really about: [video=youtube_share;gU781fGlhvA?t=17] ...
  2. P@triot

    The Pence stock is rising

    If President Trump has 8 very successful years, we could see Pence follow him into the Oval Office like George H.W. Bush after 8 years of President Reagan. I'm not saying it will happen - I'm saying it could if President Trump delivers on all of his promises. In any case, V.P. Pence appears to...
  3. TheProgressivePatriot

    Breaking News!! Tim Kaine has ties to Islamic Extreamists and Muslim Brotherhood

    I'm surprised that the right wing nut jobs and conspiracy theorists on USMB have not jumped on this one There is just one problem with this bovine is only found on discredited right wing rags like WND, Breitbart, Free Republic and so on. Yes I know , there will cries and...

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