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  1. Obiwan

    Bloomberg blames Bernie supporters for Tennessee campaign office vandalism

    Looks like Bernie's Brownshirts are at it again!!! The Democratic primary for president took an ugly turn when a Mike Bloomberg’s office in Knoxville, Tennessee was vandalized Thursday night — and Team...
  2. Ridgerunner

    Top 10 Most Racist Words in English Language

    Just like Dave Letterman... The word 'racist' is quickly becoming one of the most used declarations... Imo it is being used as a conversational weapon... A trigger word if you will... :19: Ha ha, I'm losing this altercation so I will accuse you of being a racist... That will teach you...
  3. Hugo Furst

    one down

    how many more will be picked up? Deputies arrest protester who helped pull down Durham Confederate statue Charges? Mayor promises felony charges. Opinions?
  4. anotherlife

    New law on vandalism?

    The leftists demote vandalism from crime to virtue. This is horrible because then every punk can like break your bike, smash your car window, destroy your front yard, and public landscapes get it even worse. Vandals have it easy and I hate them, because they squat and destroy, and nobody can...

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