1. The Original Tree

    COVID 19 Facts that Completely Confuse Lying Liberals!

    This is how The Globalist Godless Left Lies to you every day, like they lied to you about Russian Collusion, Uranium One, The Iran Nuclear Deal, Obama funding Iran, a Terrorist State in violation of US law by flying $150 Billion in cash on pallets to Ayatollah Assahollah, and their funding of Al...
  2. MindWars

    Shock finding: 30 percent of U.S. military damged by anthrax vaccine

    In one of the most egregious examples of this, the FDA used its authority to force American military personnel to get an experimental anthrax vaccine while a civil lawsuit challenging the authority of the Department of Defense to mandate unapproved vaccines was pending. SHOCK FINDING: 30...
  3. Frankenvoter

    Hep-A, just get used to it in your food I guess

    Researchers say vaccinations could stamp out hepatitis A outbreaks | Food Safety News Hows it getting there? Migrants shitting in the feilds? Yes, that's part of it, but also your contaminated chefs and food staff, and I shouldn't be forced to get a vaccination to guard against cuts in the...
  4. deanrd

    Parents whose children have died are being attacked on social media

    Parents whose children have died are being attacked on social media. Her son died. And then anti-vaxers attacked her Grieving and frightened, just days after her son's death she checked her Facebook page hoping to read messages of comfort from family and friends. Instead, she found dozens of...
  5. deanrd

    So how would Republicans decide who lives and who dies?

    I keep seeing Republicans saying we can't afford healthcare for everyone. And we know emergency room care will bankrupt us. So who lives and who dies? And how do Republicans decide? A lottery? How?
  6. RodISHI

    Should Christians vaccinate their children?

    I think this is a well thought out article so I am sharing it here. God Does Not Support Vaccines
  7. MindWars

    Pro vaccines media goes full conspiracy theory claims the Russians are running anti vaccine campaign

    Pro-vaccine media goes full conspiracy theory; claims "the Russians" are running anti-vaccine campaigns to try to kill off America with measles (Natural News) Just when you thought conspiracy theories about “the Russians” couldn’t get any more insane, the corporate-controlled media is now...
  8. MindWars

    Waive of vaccine resistance building around the globe as call for civil disobedience goes viral ....

    Wave of vaccine resistance building around the globe as call for civil disobedience goes viral among health care workers (Natural News) An increasing number of U.S. hospitals now require their staff to take mandatory flu vaccines or be terminated from employment. This coercive policy is in...
  9. MindWars

    Autism rates in California schools jumped as much as 17% among kindergartners since MANDATORY vacc..

    Autism Rates in California Schools Jumped As Much as 17% Among Kindergartners Since Mandatory Vaccine Bill Was Signed | Autism rates in the US have been rising since the 1980s. In 1985 autism prevalence was 1 in 2,500, ten years later it jumped to 1 in 500, and today it is an...
  10. MindWars

    Researchers can prevent outbreaks by vaccinating fewer people

    Researchers Can Prevent Outbreaks by ‘Vaccinating Fewer People’ The method is called “explosive immunization” It seems like every time you turn on your TV, there is a vaccine ad promising to protect you from everything from HPV to shingles, to pneumonia to the flu. Vaccine controversy as a...
  11. MindWars

    Bombshell: Sacrificing children to the state of California SB18

    Bombshell: Sacrificing Children to the State of California: SB18 Watch out for the big money behind this operation: it’s the secret A bill introduced by the notorious Richard Pan, the mover and shaker behind the mandatory vaccination law in CA—this new one, SB18, is a grab-bag of generalities...
  12. MindWars

    Pharma giant's vaccines had glass in them, but they refused to recall

    Pharma Giant’s Vaccines Had Glass In Them, But They Refuse Recall | Health Nut News (Editor’s note: Companies owned by multi-billion pharma giant Sanofi, have paid huge criminal fines in the past (feel free to look it up in the mainstream media) so the fact that professors and medical doctors...
  13. MindWars

    Carcinogens, neurotoxins, and seizure-causing chemicals in the Flu Vaccine (full breakdown of ingred

    One such consumer re-wrote and posted on Facebook the following conversation between her and the pharmacist at Ride-Aid in a post that’s going viral on social media: Consumer: “May I please have the package insert for the flu vaccine?” Rite-Aid Pharmacist: “Why?” C: “So I can read it.” P...
  14. MindWars

    Australia To Search Out And Prosecute Anti-Vax Nurses And Midwives; Calls For Public To Turn Them In

    While Australia whines about the lack of democracy and freedom in places like Syria, it is doing everything in its power to ensure that nothing resembling either of those things is allowed within its own borders. Australia to Search Out and Prosecute Anti-Vax Nurses and Midwives; Calls for...
  15. MindWars

    Vaccines are not for public health, it's really about profit former Merck sales rep reveals.

    “Vaccines are Not for Public Health, It’s Really About Profit” — Former Merck Sales Rep Reveals After seeing corruption first hand behind the scenes of Merck & Co. as a sales rep. for their shockingly dangerous drug Vioxx (which killed tens of thousands of people), former pharmaceutical sales...

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