universal basic income

  1. P@triot

    The ignorance of left-wing economics

    Common sense tells even an 8-year-old that you can’t pay people to not work. But just in case a person doesn’t have the common sense of an 8-year-old, we have real world “case studies”. (Hint: it ends badly). And yet the left - in their infinite laziness - just can’t let go of the idea of...
  2. ShootSpeeders

    Zillionaire Zuckerberg wants a guaranteed basic income for everyone.

    This might be ok if those accepting the free money agreed to never have kids. The only answer to poverty is to stop the poor from breeding .
  3. P@triot

    Americans Are Too Compassionate For A Universal Basic Income

    It's kind of hilarious because it ends with the fundamental premise we (should) have now - it's up to the individual to make decisions which ends with their success or failure (it just eliminates the whole "work and produce" requirement). This article is spot on with all points... Americans Are...

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