ukraine hoax

  1. The Original Tree

    Schiff Infers Dershowitz Is A Liar

    After Dershowitz smashes the leftist commie narrative, Adam Schiff calls him a liar. And there you have it. Stick a fork in it when you have to do that in desperation. Discuss: Schiff hurts, not helps The Impeachment COUP! Schiff decries Dershowitz’s ‘absurdist’ Trump legal defense in Senate...
  2. The Original Tree

    All Roads Lead To Ukraine

    ALL ROADS LEAD TO UKRAINE Don't forget one of the first things Trump did when he got in to office was do audits sending all these bureacrats in to a panicked state. How did Hillary Clinton ‘lose’ $6 billion at the State Department? One has to wonder why The Obama Administration, Clinton...

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