1. Eaglewings

    Russian Bots Re-Tweeted Trump Over 500,000 Times in the Last Months of His Campaign~

    Why is Trump not talking about this? It is a factual and proven.. Instead he calls everything Fake News. For those of you who still do not understand what Russia did to infiltrate American politics and our internet policies read up on it, because in my opinion this is a terrorist attack and...
  2. Eaglewings

    Poll Trumps Tweets today Wondering how many still think that there are no Trump ties to Russia

    Trumps damn stupid tweets this morning. The more Trump tweets , the more people want to expose his bullshit... why does he keep doing this to himself? Donald J. Trump‏Verified account @realDonaldTrump 1m1 minute ago ..not associated with Russia. Trump team spied on before he was nominated."...

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