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  1. washamericom


    is going to look quite different. not a conspiracy theory. Showing results for trump's white house press corps Search instead for trump's whitehouse press corps Search Results In the news Donald Trump Limits Traditional Press Access On First White House Visit Huffington Post‎ - 8 hours ago...
  2. washamericom

    now we know the arc of the moral universe doesn't run through the DNC

    well, for a while i thought DWS was angling to take the torch and be the nominee, she's the ted cruz now, of democrat party politics. doubling down on the corrupt clinton package may backfire. no one... no one... will vet the clintons like our Donald Trump will, finally, thank God, honesty and...
  3. washamericom

    trump charity and the ice skating rink....

    i'm a little tired of the liberal media, i think everyone hates the media by now... anyway: a good article: Having fallen into utter disrepair during the New York City fiscal crisis, unable to make ice, the city’s Parks Department embarked on a total refurbishment of the facility in 1980...

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