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  1. Robert Urbanek

    The Theology of Person of Interest

    The US television show Person of Interest (2011-2016) offered a modern Trinity. A self-effacing God the Father, Harold Finch (Michael Emerson), created a Holy Ghost in the Machine, a mass-surveillance computer. He recruited a kickass Son, former CIA agent John Reese, who investigates the...
  2. ding

    Is the Trinity Synonymous with Body, Mind and Soul?

    Is God the Father symbolic of mind? Is God the Son symbolic of body? Is God the Holy Spirit symbolic of soul? Discuss among yourself.
  3. Ancient lion

    Paula Fredriksen: Paul was NOT a Trinitarian

    "He’s living in a period where he’s not thinking in a Trinitarian manner. The idea of the Trinity hasn’t been conceived yet. His letters will have Jesus Christ in them; they will have God the Father in them; he will talk about the Spirit of God. Those are the textual origins that will be used to...

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