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  1. Robert Urbanek

    Travel emissions story timed for zero impact

    While the media would like to boast about how their reporting changes things for the better, one would be suspicious of an environmental story that was timed to have no impact at all. The article “By car or by plane, holidays not a gift for planet” appeared in The Sacramento Bee, explaining how...
  2. T

    Russian Spies in Shannon

    As you know Ireland is probably the most pro American country in the world, with mother like support of US policy regardless of world opinion. Lately the number of Russian spies in Shannon airport & Limerick, well know as a supportive base for the US, has increased along with there genius ways...
  3. U

    If you love history and landscape visit italy

    Well before travelling to Rome it is quite important to know about the Rome. Its history, its geography and its political importance. So that you may enjoy your trip to Rome in a amusing manner. Rome has all those attractions which allures the tourists to visit this caput mundi time and again...
  4. L

    Trump's travel ban suspended to surpass refugees gassed in Europe

    Judge blocks Trump's travel ban: surpass gassing refugees in Europe since 2015 Meant to have as reaction "US residents banned from returning now rush to use window of opportunity to comeback". End Times Reductionism: all you need to explain it all is an introdution to an article from Dec 2015...
  5. H


    2.Season triangle circuit in Ha Giang will begin from early October to the end of December. You just need three days to go all the tourist destinations most attractive in Ha Giang. 2. You can move by motorcycle or by car. But I think, you move by motorcycle is is the best. 3. The attractive...
  6. H


    Have you ever eaten,????????????? :beer: 1. Pho 2. Bun Bo Hue 3. Hanoi Barbecue 4. Banh mi 5. Banh xeo Click here! Enjoy trip with vietnam!:banana:
  7. H

    10 Unique Things to do in Vietnam

    Vietnam has a special place in my heart. There are definitely more than 10 things to do in Vietnam. Vietnam has some of the best food I have eaten and the most amazing natural scenery. Special, Vietnamese are very friendly, easy-going and always smiling. 1. Listen to Hue’s Folk Song 2. Cooking...
  8. H


    If you are planning to travel alone, you are quite nervous about this: How to apply visa? or What happens when you get to the airport? The following is things you should know: 1. Apply for visas 2. Prepare maps, tourist information 3. Prepare for flight Before you move to airport, make sure...
  9. MindWars


    THE U.S. GOVERNMENT WANTS TO READ TRAVELERS’ TWEETS BEFORE LETTING THEM IN “If a ‘follower’ of an applicant raises a red flag for the agency, the applicant herself may be denied permission to travel to the United States" SOON, FOREIGN VISITORS to the United States will be expected to tell U.S...
  10. Y

    Backpack trip into wilderness

    Just got back from a week long backpack trip with an old friend into the wilderness. It was somewhat of a Walden Pond experience for us both to reconnect and compare views and also to get away from it all. On a backpack trip into the wilderness, your main concerns are with making hot coffee...
  11. Alex.

    Carry On luggage

    I travel often enough and need a new carry-on I have been looking and reading reviews. I see a few I might like but wanted to find out if any here have any they would recommend. I travel international as well and domestic and most of it is for pleasure. If I need a suit I buy wherever I am...

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