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  1. MindWars

    Holy $#!! watchdog discovers toy dolls are recording your conversations & uploading them to police

    HOLY $#!&: Watchdog Discovers Toy Dolls Are Recording Your Conversations and Uploading Them to Police HOLY $#!&: WATCHDOG DISCOVERS TOY DOLLS ARE RECORDING YOUR CONVERSATIONS AND UPLOADING THEM TO POLICE When giving gifts this holiday season, be strongly advised certain toys will upload your...
  2. Compost

    Barbie Reshaped

    Barbie has remarkable power over how we view our bodies! At least that is what we keep hearing. She must be redone so no one will feel bad or something. I played with Barbies as a child. Never did it occur to me that I ought to look like a toy. They Just Changed Barbie's Body Shape. No...

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