1. Street Juice

    Thanks, Antifa thugs, you bloody fools.

    The ubiquitous Hammer and Sickle at these Antifa tantrums portends much. It is incredible, really, that there are still people out there defending / advocating for communism. Despite the obscene body counts, despite the indescribable human suffering, despite the oceans of forgotten injustices...
  2. P@triot

    Renowned Economist: "US headed toward totalitarianism"

    I can't even imagine how mortified and ashamed John F. Kennedy would be of today's Democrat Party. It's been completely hijacked by socialists/marxists/communists. Not only that, but modern-day liberals hate the Constitution, the U.S., and liberty (they are oppressing religion, speech, press...
  3. American_Jihad

    Farewell to Democracy

    Maybe the kiddies will learn something... Farewell to Democracy The price of politics in a society without virtue. April 20, 2016 Daniel Greenfield In the closing minutes of the film Moscow on the Hudson, Vladimir Ivanoff, a Soviet defector, sits in a New York coffee shop trying to make...

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