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  1. Monk-Eye

    Non Nomian Truth Or Consequences Constructed Qurayshism Crossed Logic

    " Non Nomian Truth Or Consequences Constructed Qurayshism Crossed Logic " * Issuing Feng Shui References Four Two Objects * Are the conjectures in qurayn stanza 9:111 correct or factual about the gospel ? If tenets of creed for the gospel are founded upon a non nomian belief system , upon...
  2. T


    People say they love God, but are lying. A man on You Tube is being persecuted. The gov. is hacking his comm. to silence him. Please see on You Tube: GOVERNMENT WILL KILL YOU 777 PT 1/2 Or see: HOMELAND INTIMIDATION On his page you will find a White woman who was brutally killed by police. He...
  3. Anonymous1977

    Jesus' dishonorable behavior toward his mother

    So if Jesus in the Bible behaved dishonorably toward his mother Mary, and dishonoring your mother is against the Mosaic law, did Jesus break that law...? -
  4. HaShev

    Why Hebrew is important when secreting Moshiach

    It's been months and still no Christian nor Jesus (who's a no show) nor Pastor/Priest has been able to answer why Jesus name is in none of these mandatory prerequisites in secreting Moshiach. Even some sects of Christianity (JW's, Adventist, Coptics, Urantians, some Universalists and Mormons and...

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