1. K9Buck

    Zone1 One can't fully understand God's words without understanding that he works with his creations through AGES

    For example, there was the time "before the ages". The first age is (I believe) the creation of the world before mankind (Adam & Eve). Then there is the age of mankind and their fall through defying God which ended with the flood. Then there is the age beginning with the aftermath of the...
  2. A

    Here's what the problem with money is

    Hi all, I am posting the below text to discuss with any of you who wish to do so, for the rest ones, do you really have to spend time and effort replying to me? Please keep in mind that you will need to read what I wrote more than once, patiently... ...And you need to think before you reply so...
  3. Y

    Daylight savings time ends today 11 - 5 - 2017

    By now you have probably noticed that your watch is off. Daylight savings time just ended for another season.
  4. anotherlife

    The importance of going to hell.

    Why not go to hell? This is why hell is quintessential for you. You need to repair your collaterals as you go on in life. This is however impossible, because this would require to reset time. So, who can reset time? Only the Creator can. Resetting it then requires that you are not put back...

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