1. Mark Richard

    19 Thanksgiving project video on YouTube in Spotify

    The 1619 Thanksgiving Project There's a lot more to the story than what the average person knows. But of these perspectives, does it unite or divide?
  2. FDR_Reagan

    What are you 'grateful' for?

    What are you 'grateful' for? Happy Thanksgiving to all. Including to 50 out of the 239 innocent hostages, among them some Americans, expected to be released from the animalistic Gaza cruel-palestine regime Hamas-butchers.. The same racist Arab-Islamists who use children and hospitals as they...
  3. Robert Urbanek

    Trump talks turkey

    Donald “The Don” Trump has a visitor in the Oval Office. Trump: We have known each other many years, but this is the first time you've come to me for counsel or for help. But let's be frank here. You never wanted my friendship. And you feared to be in my debt. Turkey: Gobble, gobble Trump: I...
  4. HaShev

    Reflecting on Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving! It's at this time we should reflect and give thanks for our sustenance. In Isaiah 11:6-11:9 and Ezekiel 36:28-30 it talks about the making of abundance. We now genetically control how corn and other grains, fruits, and vegetables are grown without pesticides thus with...

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