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tenth amendment

  1. J

    What is the purpose of the Tenth Amendment and Bill of Rights as applied to abortion?

    . The purpose of the Tenth Amendment, which was added to our constitution with nine other amendments, was specifically, and intentionally, to prevent misconstruction or abuse of the newly created government’s powers. And, these amendments, referred to as the “Bill of Rights”, are ten...
  2. J

    Overturning Roe vs Wade and tyranny

    Is it not an irrefutable fact that a majority on our Supreme Court, in its Roe and Casey opinions, decided to exercise legislative, judiciary and executive powers, which in effect subtlety subverted our constitution’s mandated system of separation of powers, and replaced it with one which...
  3. J

    S.C. heard oral arguments today regarding Biden’s questionable vaccine mandate.

    . See Supreme Court hears oral arguments on Biden vaccine mandates: LIVE UPDATES The question is, will a majority on the court apply the Humpty Dumpty theory of language to our Constitution in order to uphold Biden’s vaccine mandate? “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a...
  4. J

    6th Circuit used Humpty-Dumpty theory of language to allow Biden's vaccine mandate

    Two members of a three-panel 6th Circuit Court of Appeals RULING applied the Humpty-Dumpty theory of language to the meaning regulating commerce among the states, in letting stand the Biden Administration's vaccine mandate. “When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone...
  5. J

    Former Judge Burke: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit

    See: Understanding the Supreme Court’s decision in Texas’ election suit Former Judge Kevin S. Burke Retired Judge Burke, in his desire to condone the undermining of our federal elections in which a number of States engaged in corrupted election practices, quotes Wyoming Republican Gov...
  6. J

    The wisdom of federalism, our Constitution’s plan

    Unfortunately, the vast majority of today’s eligible voters refuse to use their power to promote the common defense and general welfare of the United States. Instead, they sell their vote to dishonest politicians running in federal elections who bribe them with promises to use federal power for...

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