syrian refgees

  1. woz75

    First Wave of Syrian Refugees Reach Menominee Michigan

    This will drive Michiganders insane...they're already losing their minds over Dearborn. With a population of approximately 8,600 residents, Menominee is the smallest city in the nation to harbor refugees from war-torn Syria, and will see its demographics drastically change overnight. full...
  2. MindWars

    Germany: Muslim Migrant with four wives 23 children receives 390,000 a yr in benefits

    A Syrian refugee who was granted asylum in Germany, along with his four wives and 23 children, is now reportedly receiving 360 thousand euro ($390,000) a year in benefits, sparking outrage among German citizens. Germany: Muslim Migrant with Four Wives and 23 Children Receives $390,000 a Year in...

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