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  1. AveryJarhman

    Child Abuse PREVENTION Advocate Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, California's First Surgeon General

    #TheLargerIssue #SingleParenting #ChildNeglectMaltreatment #MentalHealth #Solutions "Governor Newsom Announces Two National Experts in Child Development will be Key Leaders in Administration’s Efforts to Help the Youngest Californians" Published: Jan 21, 2019 Governor Newsom Announces Two...
  2. X

    US Surgeon-General fired (for being born outside the US)

    It's not a really big deal in the context of how twisted the current American government is, and in fact the Surgeon Gen. has little official power. The main point is that his firing is yet another example of the Trump/Bannon 'purge'. Dr. Murthy was on thin ice because he was a) born in the UK...

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