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  1. deanrd

    Roger Stone adds even more nasty and disgusting sexual behavior to the GOP leadership.

    “Hot former model seeks exceptional, in shape muscular … studs for threesomes with herself and body builder husband,” read one ad, which including topless photos of Stone and his wife. Another ad specified: “No smokers or fats please." Stone initially denied the Enquirer story, claiming the ads...
  2. MindWars

    BREITBART: Stone: WikiLeaks, Mike Morell, Russia & Me

    BREITBART: Stone: Wikileaks, Mike Morell, Russia, and Me As someone involved in politics for more than 40 years I can attest to the fact that you ruffle some feathers and, dare I say, make some enemies along the way. So what? If the bed-wetters and pearl-clutchers aren’t upset with you, you...

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