1. toobfreak

    No One Lives In Trump's Red States!

    Have you heard that lie as often as I have? What is the real truth here? Unlike the many Tramp-bashers here who spew constant unsubstantiated rhetoric, I will explore the facts of the matter as I always do. So what is the truth of the Blue and Red States? Since nearly all states...
  2. G

    CDZ I think how well a country is governed can be measured by the prosperity of the citizens

    To be more precise..... I think the primary value of a country can be measured by the financial return to its current citizens/rulers/owners and their biological descendants. And that can be very measurable. Citizenship can have a valuation or pay a dividend and we can see it going up or down...
  3. Chuz Life

    CDZ Abortion laws should be left up to the States

    I don't have time (again) for a lengthy intro to this subject so I have to be brief. A lot of comments are being made from all sides of the abortion issue - that the legality of abortion would be or should be a decision reverted to or left up to the States, if or when Roe V Wade is overturned...

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