1. L

    Hollywood stars: 2 basic facts + 1 at end of show, NOW

    Hollywood stars: the two basic facts + one at th end of show, NOW 1. The "real life" of scores of these official actors is nothing but to act according to a specific illuminati script. This is literally also valid for the Illuminati Grand Master, the man who rules the world, who is officially...
  2. MindWars

    Star urge fans to fight the after Trump win , warn of coming revolution

    Typical NEOLIBERAL pole dancers for Hollywood what else could we expect from hollywood satan sex ring lovers. Stars urge their fans to 'fight' after Trump win
  3. Bob Blaylock

    You must never make jokes about this star…

    The bright star, to the lower left in this picture, you must never make jokes about. It's Sirius.
  4. AVG-JOE

    Post A Message to The Future Here.

    Seems like every time an old trash pile, I mean really old, like 1,000 years or more, gets found, a lot of people get excited and start carefully pulling the decayed bits and pieces apart calling the pieces 'artifacts' and putting the stuff in museums. Ass-u-me-ing you're reading this in the...

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